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Solutions for industry, in–line metrology, automated AFM tools.

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Why 9 out of 10 semiconductor manufacturers use Blue Line AFM probes:

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Solutions for research and science.

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Cost-effective carbon AFM tip performance for challenging nanoscale research:

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Customised solutions.

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Customised atomic force microscopy probes and nanoMEMS components:

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Quality Assurance

Quality and reliability

TüV certificate

In order constantly to ensure uniform quality products and services to our customers, we continuously monitor, control and improve our processes and procedures. For consistent product quality, all fabrication steps and processes are stabilized by setting highest standards and tight specifications for both, production environment approval and operational procedures.

At the end of 2008, we were the first AFM probe manufacturer who successfully implemented a certified quality management system according to the internationally accepted QM standard ISO 9001 (DIN EN ISO certificate #: 20 100 82003256). Since then, we are continuously upgrading our quality system infrastructure to every facet of the company.

Our Company

Nanoengineering made in Germany

nanotools designs, develops and mass-produces high quality nanoMEMS components. Taking advantage of our patented scalable electron beam processing, 3D structures are directly formed in diamond-like material quality, with ultra-high precision and reproducibility.

Founded and based in Munich/Germany in 1997, we have constantly extended our core competences in the field of nanofabrication and have achieved scale as one of the leading experts in the production of atomic force microscopy (AFM) tips. Since more than 15 years, we supply the world's leading semiconductor and nanoelectronics manufacturers with cutting-edge CD metrology and high aspect ratio AFM tips.